Where children learn through play and exploration
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Playland CDC Program Overview

Julie Langwell has been a licensed child care provider since March of 1996. For a detailed list of qualifications, please visit the "Qualifications" page.

Julie's philosophy is centered on the importance of social skills. We are social beings and as such it is imperative that we are able to get along with others and comfortable expressing our needs and desires.

Julie's discipline policy incorporates this philosophy. The word discipline is derived from the word "disciple", which means "to teach". All too often, the word discipline gets confused with the idea of "punishment". Julie discplines through positive role modeling and recognizing and rewarding appropriate behavior. In this way children are encouraged to display the desired behavior.

Julie participates in the U.S.D.A. food program. This program reimburses child care providers and public schools for serving nutritious meals and snacks to the children in care. All meals and snacks must meet the required dietary guidelines to qualify for reimbursement. Funding is primarily from the Federal government, with a small portion contributed from State funds.